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Frequently Asked Questions

Can bunions cause other aches and pains?
Studies have shown that people with bunions tend to have higher incidence of other types of pain as well, including in the foot, knee, hip, and lower back.
Do bunions run in the family?
Yes.  A bunion itself can be hereditary, meaning that if you have a bunion, you may pass it on to your kids the way you might pass on your eye color.  It’s caused by a faulty shoe gear especially high heels..  The particular mechanical structures which make a person more prone to bunions, can be inherited. If your relatives have bunions, there’s a good chance that you and your kids are prone to them as well.
Will I have a scar from bunion surgery?
It’s possible to have a small spot where the surgery was performed that will eventually go away.  Our minimally-invasive techniques minimize the appearance of scars or, in some cases, make them invisible when our patient is fully healed. You can also reduce scarring by applying silicone gel sheets, vitamin E cream, and/or Mederma.
What your insurance Policy?

Dr Galati accepts traditional Medicare at this time and out of pocket and payment plans to fit your budget.

What causes heel pain?

Typically, heel pain is not caused by a high arch foot, a flat foot and overuse of your feet and legs such as a waiter or waitress and overexercising such as jogging may miles per week.    Repetitive stress/pounding of the heel can cause heel pain. Other common causes can include: inflammation of the plantar fascia, inflammation of the back of the heel, inflammation of the heel pad, progressive degeneration of the Achilles tendon, or a stress fracture which could be caused by repetitive stress to the heel.

Is Foot Pain Normal?

Foot pain is not normal.  Your foot is trying to tell you something is wrong.  See Dr. Galati, podiatrist.  If you are suffering from foot or ankle pain, it is important that you see a podiatrist before the problem worsens and becomes harder to treat. Many people can try home remedies and they may work. However, lingering foot pain is a sign of a problem that must be handled by a professional. Foot and ankle pain can develop from everyday injuries or sports injuries. Other causes of pain are from too much activity, improper foot support and excessive weight. This can lead to heel pain and arch pain and pain in the ball of the foot or pain on the top of the foot.

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