Dr. Peter S. Galati, DPM, PA

Schedule a free consultation now. Stop suffering from bunions, hammertoes, neuroma, ingrown toenails, and heel spurs.

All procedure are done in the doctor’s office; no hospital or surgical center

Walk in/Walk out

No general anesthetic; local or I.V. sedation

No pins, no screws
Covered by traditional Medicare

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Easy walk-in walk-out foot surgery.

Podiatric Surgery Specialist

A minimal incision is performed for bunion foot surgery thru a small 4mm-6mm incision with no or only one stitch.

Private in-office Procedures

Procedures are done privately in-office in Fort Lauderdale.

No Overnight Hospital Stays

Easy walk-in-walk out surgery. There are no expensive overnight hospital stays, surgical centers, or general anesthesia. No uncomfortable screws, pins, or hardware is used for our procedures.

Over 35 Years of Experience

Dr. Peter Galati has over 35 years of experience performing foot surgery. Procedures are done privately in-office in Fort Lauderdale. Most surgeries are affordable and you will see amazing results.

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Mon – Fri: 9AM – 5PM
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