About Dr. Galati

Dr. Peter Salvatore Galati was born in Manhattan, New York in May of 1947. He was raised on Long Island, and he entered active military service in 1966 in the U.S. Air force. In 1970, Dr. Galati was honorably discharged after serving overseas for almost three years.  After getting his degree in biology, Dr. Galati became an assistant professor at University of New York at Stony Brook, Long Island.  He went on to become an assistant professor teaching organic chemistry and bio chemistry and then went on to podiatry medical school earning his medical degree in podiatry.

Dr. Galati is a member of the following:


The Academy of ambulatory Foot & Ankle Surgery.


The Institute of Foot Health.


The American College of Phlebology. (Treatment of Veins)


Certified Diplomat of The American Board of Podiatric Medicine

Dr. Galati believes in minimal incision foot surgery when applicable. Bunions and other surgeries are accomplished through a small opening sometimes not even requiring a stitch. He has performed in his office over four thousand ambulatory cases of the bunion and other related surgeries over the last seventeen years.

The technique is a highly advanced form of foot surgery. This surgical technique keeps the patient more mobile after the procedure without the use of pins or screws. Dr. Galati doesn’t view the use of pins and screws as a bad thing. He just feels he can accomplish the same results without the use of this type of fixation. The good doctor has employed a host of cutting-edge technology to help treat his patients’ foot surgery and vein care.

Remember, you are his primary concern, and he will do everything he can to help relieve your painful foot deformities. Call today and experience a truly committed medical professional.

Areas of Expertise

Excellence in Podiatry

Do you have painful deformities of the feet like bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, or heel spurs? Have your favorite pastimes been put on hold due to foot pain? Make an appointment right away with Dr. Peter S. Galati in Fort Lauderdale.  He specializes in problems that affect your feet or lower legs.

Specialist in Treatment to Correct Bunions.

Specialist in treatment to correct bunions and improve the straightening of the big toe. The in-office procedure involves removing the bunion bump to relieve pain and improve function.  This is all done through a tiny puncture or small opening to the foot with only one or two stitches.


Specialist in using minimal incisional surgery to remove hammertoes.


A neuroma is characterized by a swelling of the tissue surrounding a nerve that travels to your toes.  Dr. Galati tries to preserve the nerve by reducing it’s size by two or three injections over a period of three weeks.  If that is not successful , decompression of the neuroma through a tiny opening at the top of the foot (one stitch procedure).  This has also been known to relieve sciatica because the end of the sciatic nerve is where you find the neuroma.

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